8X7 Mini Dab Concentrate Tray Cleaning Station W/ Greek Glass ISO Swab Jar and Banger / Carb Cap Storage ~ Golden Glow on Walnut Base

Sale price$125.00


* Holders for 3 bangers
* Holders for 2 carb caps
* Stores up to 3 concentrate jars (accommodates several sizes and shapes)
* Includes Greek Glass ISO station that holds op to 3 oz. liquid and 30-40 swabs
* 2 25mm Quartz mini bowls
* 1 7ml matching glass jar with silicone lid to store your tiny pearls, pills and such

Made from:
* Two thicknesses of Acrylic
* Hard wood base
* Stainless steel stand offs
* 4 rubber feet to protect furniture

**Does not include dab tools, bangers, carb caps or concentrate jars.**

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