Barely Blue Crossing Tech Core 2.0 Dab Rig Station Organizer

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Dock your CrossingTech Core 2.0 in this sleek and classy tray and your vape session will be portable. Your cleaning supplies are at hand so cleaning up your rig after your session is super easy! Our Barely Blue top is semi-transparent allowing the beauty of the cherry wood base to show through.

E-Tray portable dab session organizer can:
* Keep your glass pieces safe
* Keep you organized
* Make it easy to store items away from children
* Look fantastic on your table

E-Tray Includes:
* Inset for Core Crossing Vaporizer
* Inset for glass storage when it is not on the vaporizer
* "No-Roll" glass tile tool rest
* 2 Carb cap storage holes to fit original cap and 2 for cups
* Glass swap holder
* Stainless steel and glass ISO pump
* 4 dab jar slots for multi-sized and shaped containers

The ISO pump Features:
* Easy one-handed liquid dispensing
* Alcohol will not drain back into the receptacle, keeping the liquid in the bottle clean      and sanitary
* Holds 2 oz of alcohol

Insets for standard dab jars will hold:
* 40mm jars
* 32mm jars
* Round jars
* Square jars

12 in X 9 in and stands about 2 in tall without the accessories.

Doe NOT include Core Crossing unit or other items used for photography of the tray.

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