BUD BUCKET: Stainless Steel Odorless UV Blocking Cannabis Storage Canister

Sale price$18.00


One of the best storage solutions to keep your marijuana as fresh as the day you bought it. This stainless-steel canister locks in freshness and seals out moisture and bud damaging sunlight. This rugged, odor proof stainless steel storage solution has an air flow enhancing inside basket. The lid features a built-in freshness seal gasket that creates the air lock when clamped down. Includes a 62% moisture control packet to keep your weed at its optimum moisture level. Just slip the pack under the retainer ring between the basket and the bucket. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent over heating your medicinal product. Best storage temp is 62%...
The handle makes it easy to transport. It’s small enough to fit into backpacks and medium to large purses. Clean with dish detergent and hot water.

Size: Outside bucket: 3.5" Tall, 2.5" wide.

Inside Sleeve: 2.5" Tall, 2.5" wide

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