Dab Rite (TM) Thermometer Rig Station For Glass Bongs

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The E-Trays Dab Rite (TM) Thermometer Rig Station For Bongs is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite herb while keeping your smoking area clean and organized. The built-in water pipe stand and bong rig stations keep your smoking tools safe and within reach.  This tray features a space to told the Dab Rite (TM) Digital IR Thermometer.  The flexible arm of the Dab Rite (TM) means while the thermometer and bong stay put, you can get an accurate temperature reading.  E-Trays are crafted from beautiful hardwoods and acrylics and are the perfect addition to any smoking den.


It makes it easily transportable with no worries about dropping and damaging your favorite glass piece. E-Trays bong stand fits most bongs with a 2.5 inch to 4 inch inch base. The bong stand uses bungee cord  to keep your glass snuggly in place. This design works on even intricately designed glass pieces.

Holes in the acrylic surface hold accessories like dab jars, carb caps and bangers, as well as the Dab Rite (TM) unit. There is a glass tile dab tool rest.

The E-Trays bong stand measures about 12" long and 9" wide by 2.5" high. 

*****Please refer to the How to Measure Your Bong Image and email us the details: info@mecannabisgifts.com

Want a different acrylic color? Or prefer walnut or maple to cherry hardwood?Email us and let us know.

BONG, BANGERS and CARBS ARE NOT included in your purchase. You are buying the acrylic stand with hardwood base.  The Dab Rite(TM) is also not included, but you can get it here on our site: Buy It Now

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