dabX GO Rig Station Tray Dab Session Organizer and Cleaning Station

Sale price$130.00


Our tray, designed for your dabX GO, has a place for everything you need to enjoy and clean up after your dab session.
The top layer is designed to hold your dabX go base, magnetic ring connector and glass piece.
It stores the pieces either assembled or individually. There is a cutout for the silicone dab mat that came with your unit as well as slots for two dab jars .
We include a swab jar and an ISO pump so cleaning your GO after a session is a snap.

Tray is 12" x 9" and about 3" tall when empty.
Swab jar holds up to 40 swabs.
The ISO pump holds 30ml of isopropyl alcohol. Just open the lids, press on the edge of the silver bowl to pump up the fluid. It does not drain back into the bottle so you cannot contaminate your ISO while cleaning.

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