Dr. Dabber Sidecar Percolator Mini Dab Session Rig Station and Glass Attachment Dock : INCLUDES Sidecar Rig Attachment

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This Compact Dab Session Tray pairs up with your Dr. Dabber Switch and organizes your concentrate jars, dab tools and carb cap. It includes the Switch Sidecar Percolator accessory glass piece giving you a secure platform for cleaning after dabbing. With the ISO and swabs stored in the same multi-functional tray, everything you need is stored at hand. Store any of your Dr.Dabber accessory glass like the Sidecar, Ball, Snowflake and original.

* Dr. Dabber Switch Sidecar Percolator accessory glass piece
* Silicone holder for the glass attachment
* Silicone lined holder for 1 carb cap
* Glass tile dab tool rest
* Stores up to 2 concentrate jars (accommodates several sizes and shapes)
* Includes ISO station that holds up to 3 oz. liquid
* Glass Science Beaker for swab storage

Made from:
* Two thicknesses of Acrylic
* Hard wood base
* Stainless steel stand offs
* 4 rubber feet to protect furniture

**Does not include dab tools, carb caps or concentrate jars.**

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