Dr. Dabber XS Mini Dab Station Vape Session Organizer Tray with LED Lights

Sale price$160.00


The Dr. Dabber XS Mini is the latest and greatest way to enjoy your concentrates. Where are you going to keep all those little parts and pieces? Our rig station made for the XS, can easily and elegantly store your rig and all of its components.

The accessories include a glass fill beaker to easily add water to the glass bubbler funnel. The swab jar will hold up to 40 swabs and and ISO pump dispenses your cleaning fluid with just a push on the lip with your swab. There is also a glass piece to store the XS little dab tool.

The blue LED light strip (optional) makes everything glow and adds another level of enjoyment to your dab session. The battery that powers the lights is hidden under the tray. It removes easily to recharge.

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