E Tray Concentrate Vaporizer Rig Station for Puffco Peak or Pro ~ Organizer Cleaning Tray for Cannabis Dab Users Glitter Acrylic Top, Wood Base

Color: Blue Glitter
Sale price$125.00


E Tray offers an elegant organizer and safety tray for your Puffco Peak or Puffco Pro cannabis concentrate vaporizer in stunning blue or black glitter acrylic.

The acrylic tray surface features a large inset for your Puffco Peak or Pro vaporizer that allows your unit to rest on the wooden base for maximum stability. There is also an inset to hold the carb cap, four insets for standard dab jars that measure about 40mm and a glass tile dab tool rest with indents to prevent rolling.

The glitter acrylic top is anchored with stainless steel posts to a wooden base that provides stability and makes the unit very portable. The top is available in either blue or black glitter acrylic.You can order your base in either maple, cherry or walnut. And you can choose between a right handed or left handed tool rest.

E Tray includes a heavy duty glass swap holder with some swabs and a stainless steel and glass alcohol pump for easy one-handed liquid dispensing. Just open the lid and push down on the metal bowl with your clean swab to pump alcohol up to the surface. The alcohol will not drain back into the receptacle, keeping the liquid in the bottle clean and sanitary.

Size: 15 X 6 inches and about 3inches tall empty.

Puffco unit and dab jars are NOT included.

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