E-Trays Gloss Black Dab Rig Station Organizer for Puffco Brand Peak or Pro Portable Cannabis Vaporizer

Sale price$115.00


Tired of your tools and supplies taking over your work space? This sleek and stylish rig station is perfect for organizing your Puffco dab sessions. The ISO pump and swab vase make it easy to keep your vaporizer clean and your dab sesh organized.The acrylic black finish gives it a modern edge. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting out, this rig station is a must-have for any cannabis lover.

The acrylic tray surface features one large inset for your Puffco Peak or Pro vaporizer, three small through holes for the carb caps, four insets for dab jars that are designed to fit either 40mm or 32mm, round or square, and a glass tile dab tool rest.

The top is anchored with stainless steel posts to a wooden base that provides stability and keeps your investment safe.

E-Tray comes with a heavy duty glass swap holder and a stainless steel and glass ISO pump for easy one-handed liquid dispensing. Just open the lid and push down on the metal bowl with your clean swab to pump alcohol up to the surface. The alcohol will not drain back into the receptacle, keeping the liquid in the bottle clean and sanitary.

Dimensions: about 12 in X 9 in and stands about 2 in tall without the accessories.


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