Economy Mini Dab Tray Cleaning Station With ISO Pump and Swab Jar

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Dabbing just got a lot easier (and neater) with this 8x7 Mini Dab Concentrate Tray Cleaning Station. Keep everything you need for a successful dab session organized and within reach with this must-have piece. The ISO Pump and Swab Jar help you store and transport your ISO, while the Banger / Carb Cap Storage is perfect for keeping your banger and carb cap safe and sound. The Neon Yellow top glows at all cut edges making this unique piece really stand out.

***This economically priced edition is only available in neon yellow on the maple base.

* Holders for 3 bangers (sized 10mm or 14mm)
* Holders for 2 carb caps
* Stores up to 3 concentrate jars in multiple sizes and shapes
* Includes ISO Pump and Swab jar that holds 1 oz. liquid and 20-30 swabs

Made from:
* Two thicknesses of Acrylic
* Hard wood base
* Stainless steel stand offs
* 4 rubber feet to protect furniture

**Does not include dab tools, bangers, carb caps or concentrate jars.**

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