Focus V Carta 2 Multi-Tiered Rig Station with Charging Dock Platform

Color: Black
Sale price$80.00


This triple decker Focus V Carta 2 rig station really stacks up! All your session needs are stored in one place. Made to hold the charging dock in the base level, this tray secures your Carta 2 while it is charging and while you are using it.
The second tier has recessed spots for our unique ISO pump and a swab beaker.
It also holds a standard wax concentrate jar..(see image of black tray for correct size, does not come with the tray).
The third tier features two glass tiles to rest your dab tools.

The piece measures 7X8 inches and about 5" tall.

**Doe not include the Focus V Carta 2 OR the charging base or the 2.25 jar shown in the photos.

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