Freeze Pipe LED "Light Glow" Rig Station Tray Session Organizer Stores Glass Safely

Color: White LED Lights
Sale price$190.00


This Freeze Pipe LED "Light Glow" Rig Station Tray is the must-have accessory for safely stashing your glass! This organizer tray for your Freeze Pipe will enhance your session and store your expensive glass pieces when not in use. The LED light strip embedded in the base of the tray is powered by an external power bank that snaps to the bottom of the tray with magnets and remains hidden. The LED power button is on the end of the tray. We include cleaning accessories to make tidying up easy.
This tray features:
~ Soft foam fingers and a cork lined dock for your Freeze Pipe base unit
~ A silicone lined dock for glycerin coil
~ A cut-out to store the e-nail
~ An ISO Pump
~ A heavy duty swab jar
~ 3 slots to store bowls
~ Cut-outs to store multi-sized and shaped dab containers
~ Slim power bank

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