High 5 Duo Wax Vaporizer Dab Rig Station and Cleaning Organizer

Sale price$130.00


Keep your dab session organized and your vape equipment clean. This stylish tray will be a great addition to your dab set up. It is designed to hold your High 5 Duo rig and the accessories.

Our E-Trays feature:
* Inset for the High 5 Duo to anchor it into the tray
* Silicone dock for your glass original piece or an extra
* 2 carb cap slots for your original caps
* 2 holders for the titanium and quartz cups
* 3 multi-size, multi-shape concentrate jar holders
* A glass dab tool rest that will keep 2 dab tools fro rolling
* Glass swab beaker that holds about 30 swabs
* 30 ml glass ISO pump with small stainless steel bowl that will not allow dirty ISO to drain back into the bottle...eliminating contamination of your cleaning fluid

Tray size is 12 x 9 x2 inches.
Your purchase does not include the High 5 unit or its' accessories. These are used for photos only.

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