Ispire Daab Rig Station Tray Dab Session Organizer Cleaning Stand Flat Black On a Walnut Hardwood Base

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Keep your dab sessions clean and portable with the Ispire Daab Rig Station Tray! This nifty little device is perfect for on-the-go dabbers! It is an organizer and cleaning stand all in one, made with a scratch resistant flat black acrylic on a walnut hardwood base. Keep your dab rig clean and always ready for a session with the Daab Rig Station Tray!

Organize, dab, clean - all in one tray.

E-Trays portable dab session organizer can:
* Keep your glass pieces safe
* Keep you organized
* Make it easy to store items away from children
* Look fantastic on your table

E-Trays Include:
* Cork lined inset for Ispire Daab (Don't have one? Click HERE to order one)
* "No-Roll" glass tile tool rest
* Storage for your carb cap and other Daab pieces
* Heavy duty glass swap holder
* Stainless steel and glass ISO pump
* 3 dab jar slots for multi-sized and shaped containers

The ISO pump Features:
* Easy one-handed liquid dispensing
* Alcohol will not drain back into the receptacle, keeping the liquid in the bottle clean and
* Holds 2 oz of alcohol

Insets for standard dab jars will hold:
* 40mm jars
* 32mm jars
* Round jars
* Square jars

Some images show "carbon fiber" this is no longer available and has been replaced with flat black.

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