Lazy Susan Style Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Dab Rig Station Organizer 13.5" Diameter Round Dab Tray ~ Branded silicone mat, ISO Dispenser, Swab Beaker

Sale price$185.00


This is the ultimate dab rig station. The Lazy Susan style rig station organizer is 13.5" in diameter and comes with a branded silicone mat, ISO dispenser, and swab beaker. It's perfect for organizing your dab rig, vape, and cannabis concentrates. With this, you can keep your focus on the dabbing experience and enjoy every moment.

E-Trays Large Lazy Susan Style Dr Dabber Boost EVO Dab Rig Station features:
*Full 360 motion
*Dr. Dabber Brand EVO silicone mat in the center
*Insets for 4 dab/concentrate jars
* Double Glass Tile Tool Rest
* Swab Beaker
* ISO dispenser about 1oz/30ml
* Mini colored glass jar with silicone top to store your tint bits and pieces

Size: Walnut wood base measures 13.5" diameter.
Acrylic tray top measures about 13.5" diameter

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