8X7 Mini Dab Concentrate Tray Cleaning Station with Art Glass ISO Swab Jar and Banger / Carb Cap Storage ~ Compact Dab Session Organizer

Sale price$125.00


Remain focused and clean as you enjoy your favorite concentrates with this 8X7 Mini Dab Concentrate Tray Cleaning Station. This galactic blue tray comes complete with art glass IOS and Swab holder, two quartz mini bowls, a terps pearl jar and banger/carb cap storage. The perfect addition to any dab session, this 8X7 mini organizing station will help you remain neat and tidy while you indulging in your favorite pastime.

* Holders for 3 bangers
* Holders for 2 carb caps
* Stores up to 3 concentrate jars (accommodates several sizes and shapes)
* Includes Greek Glass ISO station that holds op to 3 oz. liquid and 30-40 swabs
* 2 25mm Quartz mini bowls
* 1 7ml matching glass jar with silicone lid to store your tiny pearls, pills and such

Made from:
* Two thicknesses of Acrylic
* Hard wood base
* Stainless steel stand offs
* 4 rubber feet to protect furniture

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