Premium Hardwood Rolling Tray Smoke Accessory Organizer With Phone Holder Stand

Sale price$120.00


Get your gear together. This beautiful hardwood tray is perfect for organizing all your smoking accessories. With a sleek design and convenient phone holder, it has everything you need to get your smoke on in style. Whether you're using it for tobacco or cannabis, this tray is the perfect way to enjoy your smokes.

This 15 x 6 organizer rolling tray keeps everything in place and portable.

* 5X8 inch rolling/ herb prep area with pour spout
* Storage section for up to 4 preroll cones
* Multi sized lighter holder (fits Bic or Clipper brands)
* 1X2 inch glass tile blunt rest
* Removable stainless ash receptacle
* 5 holes sized from 5.5mm to 11.5mm to hold accessories like tamp sticks, cone holders, etc.
* 2 slots for paper storage, one slot doubles as a cell phone stand.
* 2.5 inch black aluminum, 4 piece grinder

Made with:
* 15X6 repurposed hardwood
* 2 Layers of acrylic
* Stainless Steel stand-offs

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