Premium Vaporizer Rig Station for Source Orb Versa 2.0 - Clear Frosted Top, Walnut Base - 12X9

Sale price$120.00


Get the most out of your Source Orb Versa 2.0 with this premium rig station. Upgrade your vaping experience with this high-quality dab rig station. Its walnut base and clear frosted top on a smokey gray backdrop give it a polished and sophisticated look. The 12X9 size is perfect for holding your dab jars and other dab necessities.

E-Trays Include:
* Inset for Source Orb Versa 2.0
* "No-Roll" glass tile tool rest
* Carb cap storage holes to fit original cap and accessory sizes 
* Heavy duty glass swap holder
* Stainless steel and glass ISO pump
* 4 dab jar slots for multi-sized and shaped containers

The ISO pump Features:
* Easy one-handed liquid dispensing
* Alcohol will not drain back into the receptacle, keeping the liquid in the bottle clean and
* Holds 2 oz of alcohol

Insets for standard dab jars will hold:
* 40mm jars
* 32mm jars
* Round jars
* Square jars

Dimensions: about 12 in X 9 in and stands about 2 in tall without the accessories.

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