Puffco Peak or Pro Lazy Susan Style E-Trays Rig Station Organizer Round Dab Session Tray

Color: Blue
Sale price$125.00


360 degrees of chic and stylish dabbing perfection: This round Puffco Lazy Susan Style Dab Rig Organizer is perfect for every concentrate lover! Swivel base allows for a full 360 degree motion so you can access all your tools and products with ease. E-Trays Vaporizer stand is also compatible with the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Pro, two of the most popular concentrate vaporizers on the market.

E-Trays Lazy Susan Style Puffco Rig Station features:

  •  Full 360 motion
  •  Center slot for Puffco Peak or Puffco Pro
  •  Insets for 2 dab/concentrate jars
  •  Glass Tile Tool Rest
  •  Places for two carb caps
  •  Swab Beaker
  •  ISO dispenser about 1oz/30ml

Size:Wood base measures 10.5" diameter.
Tray top measures about 8.75" diameter

Other info:
Ships with 10 swabs and a sample of Novus plastic cleaner.
ISO dispenser pumps alcohol up when you press on the edge of the stainless bowl. The liquid
does not flow back into the reservoir keeping your cleaning fluid sanitary.

This tray does not include the Puffco unit, dab jars or dab tools.

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