Puffco Proxy Pipe Dab Tray Cleaning Station Vape Session Organizer

Sale price$105.00


Just got your self the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe? You need this Dab Tray to display, store and keep it clean and ready for the next session!
This stylish tray is a great accent piece for any room and makes your dab session highly portable!

Tray features:
* Inset for Puffco Proxy
* Inset for the "burner" or a carb cap
* Insets for two dab jars...fits several sizes and shapes
* glass swab jar
* ISO Pump with "clean bowl" technology..dirty ISO will not drain back into the glass reservoir. Holds 40ml fluid
* Glass tile dab tool rest...holds 2 tools
* Comes with a 10 pack of swabs and a free NOVUS polish sample

Size: 8X7

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