Retro-Grind LED Light Show Base 2.5" Black Aluminum Grinder

Sale price$30.00


Get lit! Shine bright like a diamond—or in this case, like your grinder. With our Retro-Grind LED Light Show base, your 2.5" black aluminum grinder will become the life of the party. The LED flashing lights will get everyone in the mood to groove. The retro record adapter theme is perfect for the music lover in you. But we didn't forget the most important part—this is a fully functional grinder that will help you prep your weed for the perfect smoking experience.

Retro-grid features a 45 record adapter engraved on the lid, a "45 record" label on the bottom and a yellow mini 45 record adapter terp scraper. Just press down on the grinder to activate the three light sequences. 

Aluminum grinder is a 4 piece grinder with terps screen section and magnetic lid.

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