E-Trays RIG Station for Your Dr.Dabber Boost EVO Eclipse Vaporizer

Color: Black Glitter
Sale price$125.00


Showcase your Dr.Dabber Boost EVO Eclipse in this stunning glittery dab session tray. Your black (or white) vaporizer inserts into the acrylic tray top and rests in a cork lined holder that is recessed into the walnut base. This secure tray is guaranteed to keep your unit from being knocked over. Soft silicone rings are sized to fit your glass attachment, quartz atomizer and carb cap. A bungee "net" keeps your Boost securely in place even when moving your tray from room to room.

E-Trays also feature:
~ 3 multi-sized holes to fit most dab jars, round or square
~ A glass tile tool rest with 2 anti-roll grooves
~ magnetic slot for your Quick-Connect Adapter
~ ISO dispenser with stainless steel bowl and lid
~ Swab Beaker

Tray measures 15" X 6" and abut 2" tall without the accessories.

Dr.Dabber Boost EVO and other accessories like jars and dab tool are not included.

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