Smokers E-BOX Mini Steel Tool Chest with Hardwood Rolling Tray Top , 2 Drawers, Metal Tool Box in Multiple Colors and Three Styles

Color: Black
Sale price$130.00


Our E-Box Mini Tool Chest Rolling Station is a great desk accessory for smokers. Keep everything organized for optimal herb prep and storage. These cute mini storage boxes will look great on your desk, nightstand or table.
Available in 3 styles:
E-Box BASIC: Includes hardwood rolling tray with a paper stand, a 5 piece aluminum                           grinder, 2 black drawer liners, 2 side handles, rubber feet on the bottom

E-Box STANDARD: Includes hardwood rolling tray with a paper stand, a 5 piece                          aluminum grinder, one drawer liner, 1 drawer foam ( you cut to fit your tools) ,                   2 side handles, mini casters and a rubber stopper on the bottom to prevent the               box from rolling

E-Box DELUXE: Includes everything the standard has PLUS tweezer and scissors in the              top drawer, glass ash tray, grinder and storage jar in the bottom drawer and                       RGB  LED lights under the chest.

AVAILABLE IN: Black, White , Blue, Red and Green

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