Suga Sean Edition (TM) Dr. Dabber Switch Compatible Rig Station with RBG Programmable Light Strip

Sale price$185.00


Our newest E-trays Rig Station is designed to show off your Suga Sean edition Dr Dabber Switch.
It matches the two tone colors of this limited edition dab vaporizer. The turquoise leyel is elevated to hold even the longest Dr. Dabber glass accessory, the Sidecar Percolator.
The silicone dock keeps your glass piece safe and secure when not in use.

This tray also features an RGB light strip mounted on the bottom of the cherry base that can be programmed with the included controller or downloadable app or turned off and on with the touch pad mounted on the end. The light strip is powered with a battery pack mounted underneath the tray. These light shine between the base and the table making a unique light show.

Tray includes the ISO pump and heavy duty glass swab jar.
Measures 15x6 inches

This tray DOES NOT include the Dr Dabber Switch or glass. These pieces are used for photos only.

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