Octave(tm) Terps Timer Thermal Sensor Dab Organizer Tray

Sale price$130.00


If you're serious about getting the most out of your dabs, you use a Terps Timer. If you're serious about style and function, you use one of our E-Trays designed to hold all your dab rig, bangers, carb cap and dab tools. This essential tray includes an ISO pump and swab jar ensuring that your cleaning supplies are at hand.

This 12X9 tray features:
  * Adjustable slot for your Terps Timer- Slide your timer along the metal strip to move         it into the right position to read your banger temp
  * Bong Holder that uses foam "fingers" to hold your glass piece in place. 
  * Glass Tool rest that holds two dab tools
  * Multi-Shape slots for 2 dab jars of most sizes and shapes
  * Banger rack for 3 14mm bangers
  * Carb Cap rest
  * Swab Beaker
  * ISO Pump with one touch push action...takes several pushes to prime the pump the first time
This tray is made with frosted black acrylic for a flat finish on a cherry hardwood base.

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