The Get Lit Dr. Dabber Boost EVO LED Enhanced Super Rig Station in Purple

Sale price$180.00


Take your dabbing to a new level! The Purple LED Strip glows softly until you turn out the lights, then it is a party tray!
This lit tray is made to fit your Dr. Dabber Boost EVO and holds two extra glass pieces on silicone rests. There is a round opening to dock the magnetic collar as well.

A purple top layer and a clear second layer really lets the purple light from the LED light strip shine through and light up the room.

The tray is powered with an ultra thin power bank and can also charge your phone with a USB connection. There is a touch switch to turn it on and off on one of the 9" base edges
Battery life is about 4 hours.(for the tray only).
Includes our super cool ISO dispenser and swab beaker.

Tray size is 12 X 9.

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