The Premium Dr. Dabber Switch Dab Station Rig Tray Vape Session Organizer

Sale price$145.00


This premium Switch dab station is the ultimate party tray for puffing in style. Its exotic acrylic top makes a bold statement, while the sleek hardwood base keeps things grounded. Built-in compartments house your Dr Dabber Switch vaporizer, dab tools, and all the essentials to keep your session organized yet outrageous. An ISO pump and swab jar make cleaning a breeze so you can keep the good times rolling. When you’re ready to get the party started, this vibrant dab station has everything you need to make your Switch shine. After all, for the stylish stoner, it’s not just about what you puff but how you puff it.

Our party themed tray for your Dr. Dabber Switch is available in six exotic acrylics! We have confetti, polka dots, and bright marbled acrylic that will dress up your dab sesh. We include an ISO dispenser and swab jar so after session clean is simple.
Our Dab tray holds:

~ Your Switch vaporizer
~ 1 carb cap
~ 2 induction cups
~ 1 silicone glass bubbler holder
~ 2 Multi-sized and shaped dab jars

Size: 12"x9"

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